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Passion for Jesus

A Time of Release

Christmas - A Christian Holiday?

The Truth About Pornography

The Spiritual Decline of a Nation

Character Development

A Pioneering Spirit

Pursue God For Your Breakthrough

Witchcraft's Control

Are We Too Busy?

The Jezebel Spirit
Part 1

The Jezebel Spirit
Part 2

Discerning the Jezebel Spirit

God's Perspective

Prophets Will Confront Jezebel

Replacement Theology

What's Missing?

Developing Bulldog Faith

The Call To Intimacy

Persecution - Then & Now

Dreams & Dream Interpretation

Be Careful What You Show Your Enemy

Spiritual Perception

A Place For Him To Rest

The Truth About Islam

Harry Potter, Sorcery & Fantasy

Break Up Your Fallow Ground

Keys To An Open Heaven

It's Time For A New Wineskin

Is Your House In Order?

He Who Has Ears To Hear

The Intents of the Heart

Prophetic Insights on the Year 2000

No Compromise

The Power of Prophecy

The Integrity Issue

Pokemon - Is it just a fad?

His Hand Extended

His Manifest Presence

The Occult & Witchcraft

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