Discerning the Jezebel Spirit

By: Francis Frangipane

We are going to confront a stronghold of im-mense pro-por-tions. It is a way of thinking that exists un-checked in most churches. We are going to expose, and then des-troy, the hiding places of Jeze-bel.

Understanding The Spirit Of Jezebel

``But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bond-serv-ants astray, so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols'' (Rev 2:20). You may challenge my using the above quote and addressing it to American churches. You may argue that not one of the pastors you know has anyone who openly instructs people to commit acts of immorality. I under-stand your sense of alarm. I agree that you probably know of no one who brazenly preaches that sexual lust and idolatry are not sins. When we speak of Jezebel, we are identify-ing the source in our society of obsessive sensuality, unbridled witchcraft and hatred for male authority.

To understand the spirit of Jezebel, we must under-stand the genesis of this personality in the Bible. The first mention of Jezebel is seen in the rebellious, manipulative wife of King Ahab. It was actually this spirit, operating through Queen Jezebel, which had caused over ten million Hebrews---all but seven thousand faithful souls---to bow to Baal. Jezebel caused them to forsake the covenant, destroy the sacred altars -and kill the prophets (I Kings 19:14-18). This one spirit was almost totally responsible for corrupt-ing an entire nation, and this principality has come full force against our nation.

Jezebel is fiercely independent and intensely ambitious for pre-eminence and control. It is note-worthy that the name ``Jezebel,'' literally trans-lated, means ``without cohabi-tation.'' This simply means she refuses ``to live together'' or ``co-habit'' with anyone. Jezebel will not dwell with anyone unless she can control and dominate the relationship. When she seems submissive or ``ser-vant-like,'' it is only for the sake of gaining some strategic ad-vantage. From her heart, she yields to no one.

Bear in mind that the spirit which produced Jezebel existed before its namesake was born. Although we refer to Jezebel as ``she,'' this spirit is without gender. However, it is important to note that, while men in leadership are the main targets of most principalities, Jezebel is more attract-ed to the uniqueness of the female psyche in its sophisticat-ed ability to manipulate without physical force.

Look for Jezebel to target women who are embittered against men, either through neglect or misuse of authority. This spirit operates through women who, because of insecurity, jealousy or vanity, desire to domi-nate others. Jezebel is there behind the woman who publicly humiliates her husband with her tongue, and there-after controls him by his fear of public embarrass-ment.

While she uses every means of sexual perversity known in hell, immorality is not the issue; control is what she seeks, using the power of sexual passions for the purpose of possessing men. To a woman under the influ-ence of Jezebel, ``conquering'' a man need not involve physical contact if a seductive glance of her eyes will capture him.

The Battle Has Expanded

Since the era of the early apostles, and especially since the dawn of the electronic age, the scale of battle has greatly enlarged. It is difficult for us in our generation to discern the scope of warfare that hits the church and the world in general. We might actually suppose that warfare should decrease since the number of demons has not changed since the first century, while mankind has grown from three hundred million to over five billion souls today. Yet, the access the devil has to the souls in our world has increased through the mass communica-tions media and literature. John wrote of this period in time in Revelations 12:15, ``And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her [the church] to be swept away with the flood.''

Water, in this context, symbolizes ``words.'' In our world there exists a flood of words and visual images coming out of the mouth of Satan. Our society, through technologi-cal advances, has made sins of the mind and heart more accessible. More than ever before, the carnal mind, with its openness to this satanic flood of filth and rebellion, is being structured into a powerful stronghold for the devil.

In our information-filled, entertainment-oriented world, even minor demons can exercise major influence simply by possessing the script writers and producers of movies and television. Indeed, Satan has always been ``...the prince of the power of the air'' (Eph 2:2). But we should realize that the ``power of the air'' is not merely the wind; we see that in our world this power uniquely includes the electronic airwaves which carry radio and television signals.

Therefore, we must discern exactly where the satanic inroads are in our own lives and cut them off. We cannot worship God Sunday morning and then tolerate Jezebel through immoral entertain-ment in a movie Sunday night. Indeed, it is with this in mind that, in regard to warring against Jezebel, the Eternal Word specifically described Himself as ``...He who searches the minds and hearts'' (Rev 2:23), for it is in the inner sanctuary of our private soul-life where tolerance to Jezebel begins. It is here, within us, where tolerance must end.

Set The Captives Free!

Jezebel's spirit flows unhindered throughout the enter-tainment industries. This spirit flaunts itself in the world of fashion; it holds degrees in the philo-sophical departments of our schools and colleges. Where can you go in our society that the influence of the Jezebel spirit is not felt? She is the destroyer of politician and preacher alike. She is the cruel motivator behind abortion. It is Jezebel who engen-ders dissatisfaction between spouses.

This spirit was sitting in the church in Thyatira when the Holy Spirit exposed it nineteen hundred years ago (Rev 2:19-29). It still has its favorite seat in church. There are respectable men who love God and who seek to serve Him, yet secretly in their hearts are prisoners of Jezebel. Even now, they are deeply ashamed of their bondage to porno-graphy; and they can barely control their desires for women. Ask them to pray and their spirits are awash with guilt and shame. Their prayers are but the whimpers of Jezebel's eunuchs.

There are good women who come to church seeking God, but this spirit has them fantasizing about the men in the assembly, lamenting that their husbands are not as ``spiritual'' as other husbands. Soon, these women develop problems that ``only the pastor'' can understand. Ladies, the ``older women''---the godly women in the church---are the ones you need to consult with first, not pastor or elders (Titus 2:3-5). If you must counsel with a church leader, do not be offended when he asks for his wife or an older, godly woman to join him.

Anyone who is hit by this spirit needs, first of all, to repent deeply of their sympathetic thoughts toward it, and then war against it! Do not waste days and weeks under condemnation. Separate yourself from that Jezebelian thinking which was fostered upon you in your youth, pick up the sword of the Spirit and war against the principality of Jezebel! Pray for the saints in your church. Pray for the Christians throughout your community. If you war against Jezebel when you are tempted, eventually you are going to become dangerous! This spirit will stop attacking you once it recognizes that your aggressive counterattack is setting other people free!

Likely Targets

As we identify those whom this spirit will most likely influence, let us recognize that this demon can also operate through men. In fact, Jezebel seeks the highly refined qualities of the professional musician, especially when such a man has both the ambition and the opportunity to become a worship leader or director. It will also seek to surface in the pastor himself, in which case he will become very authori-tarian and unyielding in his control of the church. Such a pastor will invariably be isolated from fellowship and accountability with other pastors. The man will find himself lured into maintaining flirtatious and sensual relationships, ``special intima-cies'' with one or more women in the church. In time, he will most likely succumb to adultery.

Yet this spirit prefers the traits of a woman's nature. And since certain female ministries are more involved than others, it follows that they would be targets for the spirit of Jezebel. Church leaders should take heed. This spirit will seek to maneuver itself into leadership positions. Remem-ber, Jesus said of Jezebel, ``...[she] calls herself a prophetess'' (Rev 2:20). A woman can most certain-ly function prophet-ically; she can be anointed by God to serve in delegated authority as a prophetess. But when she insists upon recognition, when she manipu-lates or entirely disregards the male leadership in the church, when she ``calls herself a prophetess,'' be-ware.

Prayer leaders, church secretaries, worship and song leaders, pastors and their wives, you are all especially targeted by this spirit. All of you serving in these roles should be instructed and warned about the warfare that may come against you. Each of you should be part of a church ``warfare team'' that is trained to war against Jezebel.

What Jezebel Hates

Jezebel's worst enemies are the prophets; her worst fear is that the people will embrace repent-ance. Jezebel hates repentance. Though this spirit will infiltrate the church, masking its desire for control with true Christian doctrines, it will hide from true repentance.

Jezebel hates humility. Jesus taught that great-ness in the kingdom was not measured in what we seem to be, but in childlike honesty of heart. A true ministry is willing and eager to be submit-ted and account-able to other ministries. It is typical of those who are servant-minded. Therefore, we must learn that spirituality is mea-sured in meekness, not power.

Jezebel hates prayer. Intercessory prayer pries her fingers off the hearts and souls of men. It sets people free in the spirit. When you pray, it binds her. When you pray against immorality, it cripples her. When you pray for a submissive heart, it is like the trampling of Jehu's horse upon her body.

Jezebel hates the prophets, for the prophets speak out against her. The prophets are her worst enemies. When she wars, it is to stir people against the message of the prophet-ic church. More than she hates the prophets, she hates the word they speak. Her real enemy is the spoken Word of God.

Jezebel's ultimate hatred is against God Himself. She hates the grace God lavishes upon His bond-servants, even after they sin. She hates the fact that God will take the weakest and lowliest and use them to bring her down. She hates the holiness and purity of heart that comes from God and surrounds those who serve in His courts.

Let's pray: Father, we submit to You and Your standard of righteousness. We ask for purity, meekness and holiness of heart. Forgive us for our tolerance of the spirit of Jezebel in both our mind and our deeds.

Father, because we submit to You, we have Your authority to resist the devil. We bind, in the name of Jesus, the principality of Jezebel. We pull down the stronghold of its thinking over our community and our state. We come against the fortresses this demon has built up in the spirit realm in this area and we release the Holy Spirit to plunder the house of Jezebel and distribute her goods.

We also speak faithfulness of eyes and heart to husbands and wives. We release purity of heart and grace to each member of the body of Christ, both single and married. We cover Your people with the blood of Jesus. We loose the joy of a humble and submissive spirit and pull down the imaginations of ambition and pride. In Jesus' name. Amen!

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Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit
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