What Is The Lord Saying To The Church?

We are hearing lots of prophetic words and sermons on various subjects and topics today, but I believe God has some specifics to share with us regarding prayer and intercession.

The Lord is calling His church to prayer. We have neglected to pray as we ought to have been praying. Sure, some are intercessors and spend a lot of time in prayer, but the Lord is calling "HIS CHURCH" to new depths and levels of prayer. The Father is seeking those who will not only worship Him in Spirit and in truth, but He is also calling for intercessors and prayer warriors.

Something is stirring in the Spirit. Have you sensed it? Have you felt the Lord nudging you to pray?

Prayer is needed to prepare and strengthen us for what lies ahead.

My heart rejoices as I hear about 24 hour prayer centers and ministries being set up across the nation and throughout the world. This is exciting, because the Lord is speaking the same thing to every tribe and nation.

Prayer reveals to us that we are a people in need. Prayer reveals those areas in our hearts that are wicked and impure. Prayer allows us to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and what He is speaking to us.

Evil is abounding, and we must come to a realization of how much we desperately need the Lord. We can't do anything without Him! We are totally dependent upon His power, His anointing, His glory, His wisdom, and His strength. We can't do what He's calling us to do by our own strength and wisdom. We must be empowered by His Spirit. We can no longer be "lone rangers" for Jesus. We must come together as a body, and operate in unity, so His purposes can be fulfilled in the earth and in our lives.

God is moving all over the world in mighty ways. People are being saved, healed, delivered, and empowered for His service. The harvest is ripe; the laborers are few. Who will go and tell them about Jesus? Who will be willing to lay down their lives for the cause of Christ and fight the good fight that He is calling us to fight? Who will stand in the gap and pray for those who are in the line of battle? Who will say, "Yes Lord, send me!"

The day of compromising with the world must come to an end. Time is moving rapidly and there is much work to be done before Jesus returns for His people.

Many have been playing games with God, and have not been walking in the fullness of what He has for them. If they do not repent, and get right with God, it will be a rude awakening for them. God is not playing games with us. He wants the best for us! He wants to stir us up and set us on FIRE for Him. We must have a passion for Jesus burning in our hearts and souls. We must be a people who will not say "yes" to the devil and temptation! We must be a people who love God with all of our hearts, souls, and minds. We must press into Him.

It's time to "wake up sleepy church!"

God has awesome plans for the body of Christ. Are we ready for what He is about to do? Are we ready for the glory that is about to be manifested in our midst? Do we realize the power that His glory carries?

When His glory comes, He will expose sin and unrighteousness in us. When His glory comes, He will expose the work of the enemy in our midst and drive him out.

Greater glory is coming.

If we want to be filled with His glory and presence, we must be holy even as He is holy. We must allow the Holy Spirit to purge and purify our hearts and lives from all sin and desecration. God is a holy God, and He requires His people to live holy lives. We cannot continue to live in sin. We must repent and be changed in His holy presence.

He is raising the standard of holiness and righteousness in the church. It's time to go higher! It's time to go up to the mountain of the Lord and allow Him to change us and speak to us. He will teach us His ways and direct our steps.

I am excited about the future of the church. I'm looking forward to being in His presence and hearing His voice as He speaks to me.

Get ready for the glory. Get ready for change. Get ready for breakthrough, cause God's on the move in His church!