What's The Lord Saying For 2003?

By: Donna J. Kazenske

As we enter into a New Year, we are also entering into a new season in God. Many in the body of Christ have failed to obey what the Spirit of God has been saying for a long time. The message from the Lord has not changed. It remains the same. What's the Lord saying to the body of Christ for 2003?

1) WAKE UP CHURCH - I believe the Lord is still trying to get the church to wake up! We've been in a slumber for so long that it has become 'normal' to remain in a state of slumber and complacency while the enemy continues to proceed with his well planned strategies of attack, deception, warfare, etc. Will we continue to just sit back in 2003 and allow the enemy to continue to "take us out" or will we rise up from the ash-heep and begin to do what the Lord has called us to do?

2) PRAY & FAST - I believe the Lord has been continually calling us to prayer and fasting, yet how many of us are doing it? We have put everything else first and prayer and fasting is usually done at our "convenience". Come on church! It's never going to be "convenient" to pray and fast! God is calling us to prayer! Prayer can stop the hands of the enemy from doing real damage to God's kingdom. Prayer can cause God's hand to prevail on behalf of America if we will pray. If we don't pray, we will soon see the enemy's hand over this nation in a disastrous way. Is that what we want?

God's word remains true. We've listened to all the watered down preachers that refuse to preach the word of God because they might hurt their biggest tither's feelings. We've listened to false prophetic words that have told us how great everything is going to be. I have news for the church, if we don't wake up and do what God has called us to do, the sight will not be a pretty one. Many lives will be lost and harmed because of our neglect to pray and obey our God.

My heart cries out for the body of Christ to wake up and take her rightful place in God's kingdom. There's more to life than going to movie theaters, watching abominable television shows etc...... our purpose is to serve Jesus, not ourselves. Let's do it church! Let's wake up and rise up! Let's get our marching orders from the Lord and run with the vision that He has called us to run with! Let's make our lives count for something in the body of Christ. Let's be "peculiar" in every aspect of our Christian lives so that we can bring glory to Jesus. It's all about Him, not about our big churches and all of our huge building programs. It's all about Jesus!

2003 Donna J. Kazenske