A Breath of New Life

By Donna J. Kazenske

I believe God is breathing new life into the body of Christ. There's a fresh wind of His Spirit blowing in directions that we've never experienced before. We must not fight the wind, but we must go with the wind. We must allow the wind to blow where it chooses and change what it desires to change within us. There are many different directions in the realm of the Spirit, and the Lord is going to teach us which direction we must walk in for every given situation.

It's so imperative that we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as we daily serve Him. Without Him we can do nothing, but with Him we can do all things. Our dependency must be upon Jesus, not upon our friends, neighbors, or pastor. Our total dependency must be upon the Lord. It is He who will sustain us and cause us to persevere in the time of testing and trial. It is He who will hold our head up when we don't have the strength to do so within ourselves. It is He who will lead us through the darkest night and restore our soul.

The Lord has much to speak to His body in the coming months and years. There's so much that needs to be done and fulfilled. We must have ears to hear what He is saying, and then, we must be faithful to do it.

As the winds of change blow in and upon our lives, our homes and our churches, it won't always be easy for us to adjust. Change is not always easy for those of us who get set in our ways, but the Lord wants to make us flexible for His service. We must be willing to change at a moments notice. We must be willing to change direction, change our attitudes, change our way of thinking. If we are stubborn and rebellious, He will not be able to use us the way He desires to. Lay aside the stubbornness. Lay aside the rebellion. These attitudes are not pleasing to God and hinder His working in us.

Allow the wind of the Holy Spirit to blow upon you. There is a true refreshing coming in this wind. There is power coming in this wind. There is direction, revelation, and prophetic insight coming in this wind. Position yourself to receive all that God has for you during the blowing of these winds. His Spirit is moving. His Spirit is refreshing. His Spirit is speaking to His body. Open your ears now, so that you will be able to hear the Spirit of God when He speaks to you. Sometimes His voice will be quiet and still. Other times, it will be powerful and strong. It's the same Spirit speaking to us. Listen to Him. Spend time with Him. Get in that place of prayer. Get in that place of dependency upon Him. There are new days coming....new days in His presence...new days in His glory...new days in His secret place.

2000 Donna J. Kazenske