Are You Looking For A Cause

By: Donna J. Kazenske

I’ve been amazed at how many Christians are running from church to church and from meeting to meeting looking for prophetic words from the Lord. I’ve seen those who are not content to have just one word per week; they must have more and more and more! They run around like “prophetic word addicts,” seeking out the prophets of God as if they are Holy Ghost vending machines. If they push the right button, they can receive exactly what they want to hear from these so-called men and women of God. Some are even willing to pay money to false prophets to receive a word from “another Jesus.”

What’s going on in the body of Christ today? Are we not yet able to discern between the evil and the good? Are we not yet mature enough to hear God for ourselves? Why do we spend so much time seeking “a” word from the Lord instead of seeking The Word? Answer: It takes effort to seek The Word. It takes effort to read and study the Bible when we’re tired and our flesh is rising up against it. It takes effort to get on our faces before God and cry out to Him until the heavens are opened and His glory comes pouring down.

Many of us are people who have grown up in an instant gratification generation. We’ve been spoiled with new technology, fast food restaurants and quick fix methods. We find pleasure sitting in front of the television with a TV remote control in one hand and a VCR remote control in the other hand. We flip channels until we drive everybody in the house crazy. We don’t ever have to get up out of our lazy boy chairs because everything is “at hand.” Everything is convenient. When we want something to eat, we can just get in the car and drive to the nearest fast food restaurant. Do we go into the restaurant to order our food? Of course not! We can just cruise through the drive-thru. Why waste time and effort going inside when we can get it in a more “convenient” manner. After all, our flesh is hungry and we need to satisfy it as soon as possible. It’s time that we learn how to crucify the flesh and submit to the authority and power of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord has prepared a banqueting table for us in the presence of our enemies. Why are we not taking the time to dine with our Master and our King? Who or what is distracting us from spending quality time with the One who gave His life for us? Who or what has caused us to pull away from the banqueting table? Who is deceiving us and causing us to live a life far apart from our source of living water and strength? Could it be that we have allowed our self-centeredness to become our guide instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to be the One who guides us into a life of victorious living? Could it be that some of us are being deceived by our own sinful nature and wishes? Could it be that fleshly thoughts and desires rule our hearts and minds because we have chosen to neglect that which is most “needful?” Have we allowed ourselves to become like Martha instead of allowing ourselves to become more like Mary when it comes to spending time at the feet of Jesus?

The cry of my heart has been for the body of Christ to rise up and wake up. Every single one of us has an area or areas in our lives that desperately needs a touch from God. There are places in our souls that He longs to restore and revive if we will only be willing to allow Him to do so. We must lay aside the things of the world and the pleasures of sin so that we can be transformed into His image.

There are many deceivers and false prophets in the world today, but in the midst of all the deception and fraud the Lord is revealing Himself as Faithful and True. He is raising up true prophets, apostles, pastors, teachers and evangelists who will walk in the reverential fear and power of God. They will speak the oracles of God with holy boldness and conviction of heart. They will not bow down to the pharisaical expectations and wishes of men, but they will take a firm uncompromising stand for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what they know to be true. Many of these chosen warriors will give their lives for the cause of Christ. They will burn with holy zeal, purity of heart and passion for the lost. They will have single vision for God’s purposes to be accomplished in their lives and in the lives of those whom they minister to. Their mouths will speak the rhema word of God and it will flow like liquid fire from their lips bringing deliverance and salvation to those who have been held captive by Satan’s power. The world will hear the Gospel message and they will have a chance to repent and be saved. All things will be done decently and in order according to God’s glorious plan. The enemy will not win the coming battle, because the Lord already has been declared the victorious King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

It’s time for the church to arise and take their rightful positions in the body of Christ. God’s not looking for wimps. He’s looking for warriors. He desires to give us a “cause” to live for and a “cause” to die for. Are you looking for a “cause” today? If so, just look to Jesus. He has everything you need in order to fulfill your destiny in this life.

© 2002 Donna J. Kazenske